Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cole's Favorite Things

First and foremost is eating. Cole is very serious about his food. Mrs. Kim at daycare says he has to eat 1st at her house. He has always been a good eater but now it's bigtime. He has a major meltdown (hopefully you'll never have to witness this - it's not a pretty sight) if I'm not getting his dinner ready fast enough...


Cole loves to go outside. We come home in the evenings and he goes straight to the back door. He loves to play in his sand box, be pushed on his Trike (he can't reach the pedals yet), "write" on the back porch with his sidewalk chalk, and just recently he's started playing fetch with Ellee...


This is part of Cole's nightly routine. He loves to play in the water while the tub is filling up. If he's in a "mood", I put him in the tub and he's happy as a lark...

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