Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Party Pics

The Birthday Boy

(he wore that shirt for 2 days straight, even slept in it...does that make me a bad Mom?)

The Grill Master

Cole spent most of the day trying to blow up this balloon.

Jackson found the sand pit

A hug for Huna/Tah (aka Aunt Liz). These are two names Cole has for her.

I'm not sure what this look is about...

Maybe Aunt Kristy needs a PlasmaCar for her birthday?

Even Grandma Charlotte got in on it.

Lillian and Jackson had to help Cole with opening the presents.

Cole's 1st fishing pole from Papa Darrell. He also got his 1st ball glove from Papa Roy, somehow we didn't end up with a picture of it though.

The farm set was a BIG hit

Lillian had enough excitement and got away from everyone to do some coloring

Cole still trying to blow up the balloon

We finished the day with the circus. Lillian, Jackson and Cole had a great time.

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