Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Year's 2009

I really have no excuse as to why this has taken me so long to post...
Here are some, actually alot of, pics from our New Year's trip to Louisiana.

Big Mike's LSU room. This picture does not do it justice at all. EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, in this room is purple and gold LSU.

Julie and Big Mike

Tallboy and the Potato Gun

Me and Jules

Group Photo at Big Mike's on New Year's Eve

This is what about $600 in fireworks looks like

Don't worry folks, we are professionals.

This is what it looks like when professionals handle fireworks and one blows up on them. No one was injured, but can you see everyone scattering.

Ashlyn or Brooklyn (one of Big Mike's twin daughter's) twirling around in the yard with a sparkler.




Julie and I trying to take a "serious" pic. It didn't quite work out...we could not keep a straight face to save our life.

Driving on the bridge over Lake Pontchartrain. Where does the sky stop and the water start?We decided to take a "day trip" to New Orleans on Friday the 2nd to spend some quality time with a bunch of Alabama and Utah fans before the Sugar Bowl.

Jules and I waiting to eat lunch

The boys don't seem to be so enthusiatic

Cafe Pontalba's...one of my favorite places to eat in New Orleans.

I LOVE me a Shrimp Po' Boy...I get little obnoxious while I'm in Cajun country about eating a Po' Boy, and I love the one's at Cafe Pontalba. Sorry the picture is of a half-eaten one, but I couldn't stop long enough when they sat in down at the table in front of me to take a pretty picture of it. Thanks, Jules, for catering to my obsession.

Street vendor at Jackson Square

The Chapel at Jackson Sqaure

Inside the Chapel...it is beautiful, no wonder so many people want to have their wedding here!

Pat O's...home of the Hurricane

However, this is my favorite drink there...The Pat O's Lemonade.

Water fountain in the courtyard at Pat O's

Girl pic
Old Opera House
The Bonoffs
(stayed tuned for a video)
Washboard girl is UNBELIEVABLE!
Group photo
Girl pic, again.
On the balcony at Tropical Isle
Jules and I being silly at the Tropical Isle
Eating at the Acme Oyster House. This place is a nightmare to get in. We walked up and got in line and it was like we were celebreties or something. The guy unhooked the red velvet rope and said "right this way". Needless to say, we just kept our mouths shut and followed him right in.
Raw oysters...iick!
Cole got to have his own New Year's fun with Grandma and Papa. They made a trip over to the Refuge to see the Buffalo and the Prairie Dogs, and then to Uncle Larry's in Maysville to play with Winston and Wyatt.

"Where'd he go?"

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Roy B. Young said...

We had a great day at the refuge; also went to the Apache Park to slide and swing; and then to the mall in Lawton to play on the playground. It was lots of fun for his Papa and Grandma!

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