Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 Yr Pics *UPDATED*

Cole @ 2 years:
- 26 lbs
- 34.5 inches tall
- will point his finger at you and give you an ear full
(most of the time we aren't sure what he is actually saying, and probably don't want to know)
- if you tell him "no", he will say "mean, Mama", "mean, Papa", etc
- size 7-8 shoe (I think he's gonna be tall)
- loves chips and Oreo's
- says "please" (mostof the time without being prompted) & "thank you"
- kicks a ball with his left foot really well (potential soccer player)
- still loves "puppy" (101 Dalmations, Air Buddies, etc) movies
(Mama and Daddy are sick & tired of them...we've actually started hiding them)


Mandy Miller said...

So cute Chrissi. He is getting so big!

Julie said...


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