Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day

...Or ice day, or sleet day, or maybe freezing rain day...whatever. In lovely Oklahoma we don't usually get actual snow, so when we get this "stuff" the whole state closes up and takes cover. We are not expert "bad weather" drivers here in sunny OK, and I am not about to get out there with the rest of the "crazies".
I have thoroughly enjoyed spending the last 2 1/2 days at home with my little man. It has given me new respect for Mrs. Kim and what she does every day. She is greatly under paid in my book.

This was the Ice Day outfit Cole put together.


Front yard

"OUTSIDE!!!", finally. Cole was so exited he went skipping through the yard. Look closely, he is actually in mid-air in this shot. I just love my new camera.

He wouldn't stop looking down at the snow.

Watch that step...

I think he got hit in the head with a water drop from the eve of the roof, and was trying to figure out what it was.
I can't even begin to tell you what this face was all about.
Stay tuned for a dance video...

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Roy B. Young said...

It looks like you guys had great fun! Charlotte has been out of school since Tuesday and will still be out tomorrow (Friday) due to bad roads in the Bray school district. There go her spring break days!

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