Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Christmas

**Warning: Excessive Pictures**
Since we were going to be traveling, we decided to have Christmas as a family at home on Sunday morning before Christmas.

The stockings were hung...(I didn't have a chance to get them monagramed)

New Christmas tradition...opening one present (new PJ's) on Christmas Eve

Santa had everything set up for Christmas morning

A cool picture I took of Thomas the Train with my new camera.

Christmas morning...Ohhhhh!!!

The 1st thing he spotted was Handy Manny figurines.

Then he finally noticed the Choo Choo, aka Thomas the Train

Little Golden Books of all the Disney Movies

Cole loves Schleich animals

Sock Monkey Jack-in-the-Box

This gift probably got the best reaction from Cole

The art easel was defintiley worth the money. Cole can spend hours drawing.

Flash's never too early to start.

Elmo sticker book

Helping Daddy with his present from Santa

Daddy's new ipod

Cole playing with ALL his new toys at the same time

Breakfast of champions...powdered donuts and chocolate milk

Finger lickin' good
We had a GREAT Christmas. It is so much fun to watch Cole's face light up. We are very blessed to have such a good little boy.
**Warning: More Christmas posts to come**

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Roy B. Young said...

Christmas memories are some of the best memories you will ever have. Even though Cole won't remember much about the particulars, he will remember that he had great Christmases with his mama and daddy! Papa Roy

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