Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas 2008 - Marlow

I started out Christmas Eve with a Day of Baking (a post on that will follow this one). Our Christmas Eve started out in Moore at Donald and Linda's house. Cole got all the gifts, as you can see.

Donald is trying to get Cole started early on being the next Tiger Woods

All the grandkids with Nanny Polly(L>R: Mandi, Cassi, Me, Nanny P, Cole and Bubba)

Christmas morning we were in Marlow at Nana and Papa's house. Bub and Liz came over to open gifts with us (thanks again Bub for catering to my sentimental side).

A GIANT Nemo coloring book

Bubba opening his Christmas present from me. I was so excited for him to open his gift. He is a big Yankee fan and was lucky enough to go to a game this year in the old stadium. I found a pic of Mickey Mantle hitting his 1st home run in Yankee Stadium, a copy of Babe Ruth's contract from the Red Soxs, and a blue print from the old stadium and had them framed. I think he liked them.

Carhart overalls...Cole's going country

A travel sized chalkboard...

Dang it!, Aunt Liz! No LONGHORNS allowed...This is actually a really cute gift. It's a sleeping bag with horses and cows on the front and the pillow is a longhorn. At least it's not BURNT ORANGE...

Papa got Cole a remote control car

Daddy and Cole with his new computer

For Christmas Dinner, we headed over to Bubba and Liz's house. This was their 1st time hosting a big family thing...and it turned out great.

This is where the magic happened...

Bubba was an excellent Grill Master. He made two hams, two pork loins, pepper bacon wrapped banana peppers, and roasted potatoes with mushrooms, onions and squash. Everything was YUM-O! He is holding out on me though...he wouldn't give up the recipes. Uhrrrrr!

Me and Nanny P

Daddy and Cole

Nana and Cole

The pool table was a HUGE hit with Cole

I think it's considered cheating if you sit on the table...although if you can't even see over the table, maybe it's just considered evening the playing field


All the grandkids with Nanny Mary Lee
(L>R: Bubba, Me, Cole, Tyler and Nanny ML)
All in all we had a great Christmas in Marlow...
but we're just getting started.
(Warning: Still another Christmas post to come)


The Brown Box said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas!

Roy B. Young said...

Great Christmas photos, of course I am partial to the one of daddy and Cole! Thanks for sharing them; it looks like Cole got everything a little boy could want.
Papa Roy

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