Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Busy Weekend *Updated*

We had a very busy started with a graduation on Friday night, next came a parade on Saturday morning, pictures with Santa, lunch a Mommy's favorite place, and it ended with a great football game Saturday night.

After several long years of school, Mandi is officially a PA (Physicians Assistant). Good job, girl. We are so proud of you.

Saturday morning brought on the Christmas Parade in Marlow.

It only took Cole watching the other kids for about 2 minutes before he figured out he was supposed to pick up the candy that was being thrown by the floats.

The race was on....

Kiss, Kiss

Lunch at Giuseppe's (Mommy's favorite)

Believe it or not, but Cole really likes salad...
...and bread...
...and spaghetti.

The Santa pic didn't work out so well. Cole only liked Santa Claus from a far. I will post the pic as soon as it comes in.

I will post pictures from the football watch party at Nana and Papa's house a little later.
Pizza and football, what more can you ask for?

Watching the game with Papa

Stay tuned for the Arm Chair Quarterback videos...

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Julie said...

I love his little hat!! Too cute!

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