Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Game Day **Updated**



My mom chickened out of going to the game Saturday, so I went with my Dad for some Father-Daughter bonding time. My Dad and I have never been to an OU game together, and we are both huge fans. IT WAS A BLAST!!! I haven't seen so many people at an OU game since the OU-Nebraska game in 2000. And I haven't heard the crowd so loud and motivated ever. It was so much fun, and oh, we beat the CRAP out of Texas Tech too.

Dad and I before it got CRAZY.

Helloooooooo, Herbie! (Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN) Yes, he IS just as HOT in person. Our seats were 11 rows from the field, so I got a good view to make sure.

Hellooooooo, Bobby. (Most people call him Coach Stoops). Yes, he IS just as HOT in person, too!

FREAK...This guy was an idiot. He came out of the Texas Tech locker room for warm-ups looking like this and talking some MAJOR SMACK as he walked in front of the OU fans. BIG MISTAKE, Freak-Guy! He lost all self-control in the 2nd quarter, when our defense intercepted the ball and ran it back to the 2 yard line, and got himself a unsportsman-like conduct personal foul. Oh, how I wish he would have taken off his helmet on the field, like he was threatening to do. I so wanted to see him get kicked out of the game. TIP: If you're gonna talk trash, be prepared to back it up...


I love watching this guy...I think I secretly watch for him to run into someone. As usual, he didn't.

Final score
OU 65
TX Tech 21
Thanks again, Dad!
(maybe we should make this a yearly thing)
Mom, Thank You too for watching Cole and doing my laundry.

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Julie said...

Boomer Sooner! What a game! So glad you and your dad got some time together, I have many memories of my dad and I at LSU's priceless!!!

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