Friday, October 3, 2008

Things I Love *Ebay*

It's no big secret I have shoe issues with Cole. Mostly the fact that he is growing out of them faster than I can buy them. Well about a month ago, I took him back to Stride Rite to get his feet measured and then I hit ebay to see what I could find...
Size 6.5
See-Saw Hook & Loop (White) - Stride Rite $44.00 - Ebay $15.67 = Saved $28.33
Prodigy (Navy Blue) - Stride Rite $48.00 - Ebay $30.24 = Saved $17.76
Size 7
Bruno Hook & Loop (Brown) - Stride Rite $50.00 - Ebay $8.94 = Saved $41.06
Beowulf (Green) - Stride Rite $49.00 - Ebay $27.09 = Saved $21.90
Total Saved $109.05
Hopefully these will last him a few weeks.

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