Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Cole already has an entire mouthful of teeth, so I am trying to teach him how to brush.

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Terry D said...

Speaking from experience I hope you have better luck than his Nana did with his mother.
Cole's mother absolutely hated toothpaste, of any kind and believe me it was a battle from the first time I ever gave her a toothbrush. After countless struggles the dentist finally told me not to worry about the toothpaste that so long as we could get the brush in her mouth he would take care of the rest of it from his end.
The unfair part of that is that Chrisie never had any cavities when she was growning and Cole's Uncle Bub love to brush his teeth and he was the one with the cavities. But Chrisie had to wear braces and Uncle Bub's teeth was perfectly straight.
So we will have to watch the story develop and see who he follows after.
With a smile like Cole has (and looks to match) I don't think he will have a problem finding any girls!!

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