Monday, June 9, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Cole spent some quality time with his Grandparents for Memorial Day while Mommy and Daddy took a little trip to New Orleans to see Aunt Julie and Uncle Tallboy.

Cole spent Thursday afternoon through Sunday with Nana and Papa in Marlow. I'm sure he got to do whatever he wanted the entire time. Nana said he and Papa made no less than 10,000 laps around the house on the golf cart.

I don't exactly know where all the black on his legs came from...

Monday morning Grandma Charlotte and Papa picked Cole up and took him to Maysville to Uncle Larry's for a Memorial Day Cookout.

He loves the sprinkler.

Papa had to keep a hand on Cole or he would have went head first after the fish in the pond.

Mommy and Daddy in front of the fountain at Pat O's in New Orleans.

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