Friday, May 16, 2008

At the Zoo!!!

Sunday was Mother's Day at the Zoo (Mother's got in free).

Cole and Nana looking at fish

Cole had to get really close to see the Seahorse.

Cole and Daddy checking out the Rhino's

Cole and Daddy and a big Tom Turkey

It's hard to see but Cole is pointing at two Racoons

Cole with Nana and Papa

Cole and Daddy

Family pic

The rest of us were on our way back to the car and Papa took Cole off on their own little detour. Evidently, Cole informed Papa that he wanted a Giraffe.


This was a GREAT Mother's Day for me. Now that Cole doesn't come to work with me everyday I certainly feel like I'm missing out on alot of the little things, so getting to spend the whole day with him was very special. Being a Mom is the BEST thing in the world. I am very proud to be Cole's Mama.

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